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Spoon River Anthology Recitals

On May 8, 2001 the end of Fundamentals of Acting came when we performed our monologues from the Spoon River Anthology. Yours truly was Haryey Carrey Goodhue, a slick and scandalous lawyer. The other characters were pretty diverse: from the rich to the poor, the affluent, to the peasants. All the characters were openly dead ("sleeping on the hill"). Actually, I guess this was a fitting way to end RSCC and the Playmakers: Finally getting to perform something.

The show was not exactly a sell-out (actually it was free, so I don't know if you could say "sell-out") anyway. We had all of six people come to see it (maybe seven). Everyone did a really good job though, and it's actually a shame more people didn't see it. For many people, this was their first performance in front of an audience (I guess six people counts as an audience), and everyone handled it really well.

I was slightly nervous when I went to give mine, but surprisingly not as bad as I had thought. I did miss a couple of my lines. Well, I didn't actually miss them, but I said them in the wrong order. Nobody seemed to notice, though. Afterwards Mr. G. thanked us for our effort, and encouraged all of us to keep in touch. I shall try. I left everyone something to remember me by: a CD of "We've Got Lots in Common" which I downloaded from Napster. "Oh, we've got lots in common where it really counts, where it really counts"- sorry, got carried away there.

I'm going to miss Fundamentals of Acting. It was one of the most fun classes I ever had. I hope to continue my theatre hobbies at Cumberland in the fall. Thanks to Mr. G. and everyone in the class. I shall remember you all. (May 8, 2001)

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