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Pictures from Roane State

Well here is the first page I've ever made devoted entirely to pictures. This is sort of a culmination of my time at Roane State, and I guess I should get overly emotional and dedicate this page to all my friends there. I hope you like. Also visit Remeberances: RSCC.Thanks to everyone for letting me post their pics here... you guys rock! Keep in touch!

My speech/acting teacher, also director.

Dr. Thomas, best history teacher in history.

Samantha, cracking on Foster.

Rock star Joey

You might think this is Christina, but you'd be wrong. It's Alyssa.

Justin. Note the shirt.

My arch nemesis, Josh.

Nope it's not Alyssa again... It's Christina.

Andrea, not braving the harsh wilderness.

Wake up, Amy. Not pictured: diaper.

The other Amy and Corey.

Look this way, Brian.

Desiree: Costuming Technician.

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