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Photography - Paris & Dresden, TN

On April 2, 2002, I went on a trip to West Tennessee. I had no real purpose in going, as is often the case with my road trips. I did discover some nice places which I had never been too before. Most of my trip was in Upper West Tennessee, as I traveled through Clarksville, and then went west from there. Along the way, I snapped this pictures. Enjoy!

The Tennessee River, reflecting the afternoon sun.

Yes, I know this is kind of a cheesy shot, but I thought it was cool.

A shot of a ray of sun along the highway between Clarksville and Paris.

A field outside of Paris.

The Ned McWherter Bridge, crossing the Tennessee River, as viewed from Paris Landing State Park.

The eight shots above were taken at Paris Landing State Park, which is located along the Tennessee River just east of Paris. When I got there, there were some people in the water swimming. Isn't April a little early to be swimming in Tennessee?

Welcome to Paris, home of the Eiffel Tower (really, there is an Eiffel Tower here!).

A shot of the Paris town square.

This marker is located in the Dresden town square, and dedicates the highway I traveled on to our Servicemen and women.

Dresden's picturesque town square, and the Dresden War Memorial.

The Courthouse in Dresden.

Weakley County historical marker.

The Weakley County Confederate Memorial.

A sunset over a lake East of Dresden.

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