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Subsites of John's Realm

Welcome to the subsites of John's Realm! Here you can visit some of my other projects, namely site I've created which deal with issues I am interested in. First is the newest subsite, Ghosts and Spirits of Tennessee. This subsite was created February 23, 2002, and deals with ghost stories and folklore of the Volunteer State, including the infamous Bell Witch, the Phantom Light of Chapel Hill, and much more.

Next is the most popular website I have ever created, Classic Nick. Classic Nick was created on December 1, 2000, and dedicated to the shows and personalities of the cable network Nickelodeon during the 1980s and early 1990s. It was originally a site completely independent of John's Realm, but was added as a subsite in July, 2001 just after I got my own domain name. The picture above deals with this site's content.

The next three sites are Tribute to the Truman Show, Crash Holly Realm, and John's Wonder Years Shrine. These were the first three subsites created, and were designed between March and May, 2001. Tribute to the Truman Show deals with the 1998 movie The Truman Show. Crash Holly Realm deals with everyone's favorite superheavyweight. John's Wonder Year's Shrine deals with the late 1980s and early 1990s show The Wonder Years.

Up next is the Online Genealogy Project. This site was launched August 12, 2001, and was the result of several years of research by various family members into our family tree.

Next, we have Around Lake Superior, which is a Photography/Subsite hybrid. This covers my trip to Canada from July 16 until July 22, 2001. It was launched shortly thereafter.

Finally, we have another Photography/Subsite hybrid section entitled "A Journey in the United Kingdom." This site uses photography I took during a trip to the UK from August 2 until August 12, 2002.

So check them out and I hope you enjoy them!

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