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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is "John's Realm"?

A: It's a website devoted to my life, my hobbies, interests, that also tries to entertain others. It's sort of a median for expressing myself, but it's also about others: my friends and family. Basically, anyone can contribute an article or work. I can't promise I'll always use it, but I will certainly try.

Q: What is the mission of John's Realm?

A: To provide entertainment for others, and to give myself a median of expression. I maintain this site as a hobby, and I really like it when it gets a lot of hits. This site is also sort of a tribute to the common people everywhere: The people who aren't big time celebrities, who don't rake in millions a year, but their lives are no less important.

Q: So you're pretty much a common person?

A: Common, yes. Typical, no. Why strive to be normal? Here's some free advice (so it's worth what it costs): normal = average. Who ever strives to be average? Be yourself, and if someone doesn't like it, oh well.

A have found a lot of dead links and/or many images fail to load. What should I do?

Contact me.

Q: Do you make any money from running this site?

A: So far I've gotten absolutely no money at all from this site, though I've lost a fair share. Right now I make no profit on this site, and chances are I never will, though you never can tell…

Q: I am looking for an article or piece that was on this page a while back. It's no longer where it was. Is it still on the site?

A: Probably, yes. Due to space constraints, after a piece has been in the Misc file for a while (usually around 90 days), I move it to the Archives section. Be sure to check there. I try to make it a habit not to delete anything.

Q: I disagree with (insert your topic here) that appeared in you "Thoughts and Opinions" section. Why do you feel this way?

A: Whenever I put something opinionated on this site, then I would appreciate respect. You don't have to agree with me, but you should at least respect my opinion. And remember: I've never sent you an e-mail cussing you out over something you believe in. I expect the same courtesy in return.

Q: Can I send you e-mail?

A: By all means. I love getting e-mail, so long as it's not junk mail. Please, no chain letters, no advertisements, and no profane stuff. If you have feedback for this site, a funny joke, or a contribution, send it right in. By sending it in, you are giving me permission to publish it on here, and expect no payment.

Q: How long has this page been up?

A: It officially opened on March 13, 2001. Prior to this, I had other pages, most notably John's World. This page was a predecessor to this site. If you want to see it, click here.

Q: Can I use an image or graphic from your page on mine?

A: If you want to do so, please e-mail me and tell me what image you want to use, and what it's going to be used for. I generally don't mind people using stuff from this page so long as it's a non-profit page.

Q: Can I link to John's Realm?

A: Of course. The more links, the better. It doesn't automatically guarantee that I will link to your site, but more times than not I will.

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