01/15/2008: The Letcher County Giant

12/03/2007: Appalachia’s “Utopia of Temperance”

07/09/2007: Who Reads Blogs: An Examination of Blog Readers (my master’s thesis) (PDF)

As an undergrad at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, I was a weekly columnist for The Daily Beacon. Below are my columns.

04/26/2005: Summer Reading

04/19/2005: The Power of the Blogs

04/12/2005: The Case Against Affirmative Action

04/05/2005: Recommended Viewing

03/29/2005: On Terri Schiavo

03/15/2005: Random Thoughts

03/01/2005: The Case for Academic Freedom

02/22/2005: Liberty and Social Security

02/15/2005: We’re Being Invaded

02/08/2005: Elections in Iraq

02/01/2005: Byrd Vs. Rice: Where’s the Outrage?

01/25/2005: What I Saw at the Revolution

01/18/2005: Predictions for 2005

11/30/2004: This One Goes Out to the Ones I Love

11/23/2004: Random Thoughts

11/16/2004: An Open Letter to President Bush

11/09/2004: Is America Really Divided?

11/02/2004: Get Out and Vote

10/26/2004: Random Election Thoughts

10/19/2004: Federal Disaster Relief = Wrong

10/12/2004: Perverted Professors

10/05/2004: Debate Reaction

09/28/2004: The Case Against Socialized Medicine

09/21/2004: Random Thoughts

09/14/2004: 9/11 Memorial Vandalism implies hate for America

09/07/2004: The Big Tent Party

08/31/2004: Intolerant Religious Bigots

08/24/2004: Nukes Are Necessary

08/14/2004: The Case for Bush

08/03/2004: True Tales of the Bush Haters

07/27/2004: Supporting Israel: A Moral Obligation

07/20/2004: Legalizing Marijuana = Freedom

07/13/2004: A Look at the Kerry/Edwards Ticket

07/06/2004: Random Thoughts and Rhetorical Questions

06/29/2004: Something is a Little Fishy…

06/22/2004: “Green” Doesn’t Fly in Big Orange Country

06/15/2004: Why I am a Conservative

06/08/2004: Ronald Reagan Truly Iconic of American Presidency

06/01/2004: Media, Politicians Obscure Real Issues in Iraq

04/22/2004: Summer Readings Recommended

04/15/2004: FCC Gaining Too Much Power

04/08/2004: Racial Language Examined

04/01/2004: Laci and Conner’s Law

03/25/2004: Longtime Tax Debate Rages

03/18/2004: Recent Noteworthy Events Abound

03/04/2004: ‘Passion’ Merits ‘Two Thumbs Up’

02/26/2004: University Faculties Greatly Lacking in Diversity

02/19/2004: Russia Still Poses Serious Threat

02/12/2004: Choices in Education Encouraged

02/05/2004: ‘Bush Lied’ Argument Fails

01/29/2004: Democratic Candidates Examined

01/22/2004: Many Aid Programs Bad Ideas

01/15/2004: Reading the Constitution Elucidates Applicable Ideals

12/02/2003: Christmas Under Attack

11/25/2003: Sukhmani & the UT Issues Committee

11/18/2003: Israel: Our Only Middle Eastern Ally

11/11/2003: Sad Story Merits Attention

11/04/2003: Denouncing Religious Expression Squelches Freedoms

10/28/2003: Abortion Bill Raises Moral Issues

10/21/2003: Democratic Party’s Actual Civil Rights Record Outlined

10/14/2003: Some Questions to Ponder…

10/07/2003: ESPN Fails to Handle Limbaugh Situation Appropriately

09/30/2003: Time to Enjoy California Circus

09/23/2003: Gun Control Poses Threat to American Liberties

09/16/2003: Campuses Plagued by Hypocrisy

09/09/2003: Attacks Have Led to a Better World

09/02/2003: U.N. Occupation of Iraq Examined

08/26/2003: Alabama Court Justice Deserves Praise

08/21/2003: Questioning: A Key Aspect of College

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