Bredesen for Veep?

Is Phil Bredesen angling for a spot on the Democratic ticket? Jay Johnson thinks so, citing his op-ed in the New York Times. Johnson opines:

Honestly, Gov. Phil is a pretty appealing candidate to add to a Democratic ticket. He comes across as much more moderate than I think either Hillary or Obama do. He’s a yankee by birth, but the governor of a southern state.

Bredesen has not received much attention as a possible runningmate, which strikes me as odd. The guy may be lacking in charisma, but he does have executive experience (unlike anyone who will be at the top of either ticket). He also comes across as an old school, moderate Southern Democrat (albeit one raised in Massachusetts). If he’s on the ticket, he could bring Tennessee into play. Some of us Republicans may not like him, but he is very popular here.

I’m not saying this because I want Bredesen on the ticket. Quite the opposite. But I think he could be a sleeper.

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