Dumb Criminals

If you’re a fugitive from justice, posting your whereabouts on your blog might not be a very smart move:

A blog post helped the LAPD nab a man they’ve been after for 27 years, the LA Times reports. Kazuyoshi Miura was wanted for the 1981 murder of his wife there. But he fled to Japan before he could be charged. (He was tried and convicted there, but the decision was overturned on procedural reasons. That trial was why Japanese authorities refused to extradite him.) Miura is an avid blogger, and for the last several years the LAPD has been an avid reader. In a move destined to go down as one of the stupidest things a fugitive has ever done, Miura posted about an upcoming trip to Saipan, a U.S. territory. No surprise: the police were waiting for him.

Via Stephen Bainbridge

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