Dems Continue to Jump to Obama

Barack Obama has snagged another endorsement:

With a silver head of hair, a DNC chairmanship under his belt and 30 years in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Chris Dodd endorsed his one-time rival for the presidency with the air of a senior statesman anointing the next nominee.

“I believe that Barack Obama has the experience, the ability the vision to lead this country, to make a difference both at home and abroad,” Dodd said, adding later, “The hour is getting late. That opportunity is not going to last forever. I believe the world wants to see [the U.S.] get back on [its] feet again. And I believe that Barack Obama gives us the opportunity to do that.”

Dodd’s endorsement won’t make much difference in the race; as a presidential candidate his support hovered in the Dennis Kucinich range. But his decision to support Obama is another signal that national Democrats are increasingly seeing Obama as their likely nominee. As the superdelegates continue to pour in, Obama has to be feeling pretty confident.

Unlike a lot of observers, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is finished. She will make her stand in Ohio and Texas; if she wins both, she has a decent chance to rise from the ashes. But if she loses even one of these states–and it’s looking increasingly like she will–her campaign is finished and John McCain better start digging in for what will be a long and difficult campaign against a young and charismatic challenger.

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