Republican Protectionism

Stuff like this (among other things) makes me uneasy about Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney on Wednesday swapped talk of resurrecting the auto industry that helped him in Michigan with a pledge to pay attention to textile and other industrial job losses that have punished the South.

“You’ve seen it here, in furniture. You’ve seen the textile industry, where Washington watched, saw the jobs go and go,” the Republican presidential contender told a group of senior citizens at the Sun City Hilton Head Retirement Center.

“I’m not willing to declare defeat on any industry where we can be competitive. I’m going to fight for every job,” Romney said.

How exactly is he going to do it? Trade barriers? Government subsidies? Corporate welfare? I guess limited government is out of the question…

Romney obviously is attempting to co-op the “I feel your pain” appeal of Mike Huckabee that worked so well for him in Michigan. It might work for him again in South Carolina, but I’m afraid it won’t be good for the country.

Tom Elia also has some thoughts.

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