Top 10 Movies of 2007

2007 was an unusual year for me–I actually saw a lot of movies. In the past I went to theaters only when something really grabbed my attention, but this year I went on average at least once a week. Even more surprising: most of them were actually good! Granted, I didn’t see all the movies of 2007 by any stretch, but of those I did see, here are my top ten:

10) Mr Bean’s Holiday: I doubt many critics will list this as one of their top movies of 2007, but it is my list! Hilarious from beginning to end and my favorite comedy of the year.

9) In the Shadow of the Moon: Clearly the best documentary of the year, this is an amazing look at the space program featuring many of the astronauts involved, and chronicling mankinds’ greatest achievement.
8) 310 to Yuma: A remake of a classic Western film, 310 is exciting throughout. Whether or not you like Westerns, this is definitely a film worth seeing.

7) Amazing Grace: The true and inspiring story of William Wilberforce, a British MP who led the movement to ban the slave trade in the British Empire.

6) Into the Wild: Based on a book, this is the story of Chris McCandless, a wanderer who forsake his upper-class upbringing to travel alone throughout America, ultimately attempting to live off the land in the Alaskan bush. A powerful epic about friendship, family, adventure, and forgiveness.

5) The Kite Runner: Based on the book of the same name, a story of hope, regret and forgiveness set in pre-Soviet Afghanistan, and chronicling the atrocities of the Communists, and later the Taliban. The unknown Afghan child actors steal the show, making this a moving and fascinating film.

4) Charlie Wilson’s War: Charlie Wilson was a Democratic Congressman from Texas know for his philandering and corruption until he took an interest in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and worked tirelessly to provide arms to the Afghans, thus helping secure defeat for the Soviet Union and ultimately ending the Cold War. A fascinating poltical film with loads of humor and touching scenes mixed in.

3) American Gangster: Based on the real life heroin kingpin Frank Lucas who ruled Harlem in the 1970s and the cop who brought him down, this movie is intense from beginning to end. Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe really shine.

2) Zodiac: An very underrated film based on the real life Zodiac serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco area during the late 1960s and 1970s. Although about a murderer, the film is not a “slasher film” by any means; focusing strongly on the police investigations and the psychological aspects of Zodiac.

1) Breach: Based on the true story of the takedown of Robert Hanssen (brilliantly portrayed by Chris Cooper), FBI agent and traitor who spied for the Soviet Union and Russia for more than two decades.

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