Tancrazy Endorses Romney

There’s much weeping and gnashing of teeth among Fred Thompson supporters, as Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the presidential race and thrown his 12 supporters to Mitt Romney. Tancredo is now viewed as a “tool” and a “sellout.”

Seriously, why did anyone ever think Tancredo was anything but a tool? He picked an issue that inflames passions and ran with it for all it was worth. It was about getting attention and raising his profile. If illegal immigrants were popular, Tancredo would have cast himself as their greatest defender. Just look at his past activism: term limits. Yeah, Tancredo was all about those too–until his own self imposed term was up, at which time he had a change of heart. Instead he stayed on to fight illegal immigration, because, you know, America couldn’t survive if Tom Tancredo wasn’t in Congress.

In short, Tancredo endorsed Romney because he thinks Romney will win. Does this hurt Fred Thompson? Not much, if at all. Endorsements are usually meaningless (witness Al Gore’s endorsement of Howard Dean in ‘04), and Tancredo didn’t have much backing to begin with. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that regardless of the outcome of the GOP primary, no one is going to point back at the Tancredo endorsement as the decisive moment.

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