Huckabee and Harriet Miers

Is Mike Huckabee getting the Harriet Miers treatment?:

A conservative counter-revolution is breaking out in the talk radio universe and on prominent conservative blogs.

The same forces that joined to force the White House to withdraw Harriett Miers’ Supreme Court nomination, a tender by the president that was as explicitly grounded in Miers’ identity as a born again evangelical as Huckabee’s presidential campaign surge is based on his choice of career and religious affiliation.

Huckabee’s rise has come without much help from the GOP establishment, that’s for sure. And now the establishment is gunning for him much as they did Harriet Miers. Most of the conservative intelligentsia is unimpressed with Huckabee because he represents a mirror image of themselves: they tend to be fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Huckabee is just the opposite.

Much of the conservative base is less fiscally conservative than the intelligentsia but more socially conservative. Huckabee also fills the “conservative void” (or, more accurately, the “social conservative void”) that Fred Thompson was supposed to fill. And anyone who has ever heard a Huckabee speech knows he is a brilliant orator. None of these factors impress the intelligentsia, but social conservatives love it.

And of course the establishment feels Huckabee is unelectable, which is a legitimate concern.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. My own hunch is that Huckabee won’t win the GOP nod. His lack of infrastructure and support among fiscal conservatives will catch up with him. He may still be viable as a VP candidate, especially if Romney or Giuliani win the nod, but he may become a victim of his own success. Since becoming a front runner the attacks against him have made him a much more polarizing figure than he previously was.

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