Former Taliban Officals for Obama

This is one of those stories that sounds all sensational at first, then descends into meaninglessness when you really look at it:

Here’s an odd tidbit from the Facebook data stream, via a friend who is Facebook “friends” with Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the former roving Taliban Ambassador now studying at Yale.

Rahmatullah was, until recently, a member of the university’s Facebook group for Obama supporters; he left the group November 19.

“I had no political intentions when joining the group; and I left it because some friends objected to my being in the group,” Rahmatullah wrote me in response to a message sent through Facebook. He said he had joined because a Facebook friend invited him.

It means nothing of course (other than it admittedly is funny), but the usual suspects are on it.

As a sidenote, it appears Rahmatullah’s politics have evolved. He’s also a member of the Facebook group “Jews and Muslims at Yale.” He is also a member of “I scored higher in my SAT than George W. Bush,” though I doubt the validity of that claim.

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