Huck Express Rolls On

Mike Huckabee is now in a statistical dead heat with Mitt Romney for the lead in Iowa:

Huckabee’s surge is equal parts size and intensity, having gained considerable ground among key parts of the GOP base in the Hawkeye state — evangelicals, conservatives, weekly churchgoers and abortion opponents — with 50 percent of his supporters “very enthusiastic” about him, compared with 28 percent of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s supporters.

Huckabee’s surge has been something of a surprise. He is a solid candidate who could play well in the general election. Still, I think he’s unlikely to win the nomination. Although he is obviously doing well, he has not raised enough money and I don’t think he has enough time to do so. Still, a solid showing in Iowa will bolster his chances at ending up on the GOP ticket as a VP candidate.

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