Supremes to Rule on Second Amendment

The U.S. Supreme Court is going to hear a second amendment case:

The government of Washington, D.C., is asking the court to uphold its 31-year ban on handgun ownership in the face of a federal appeals court ruling that struck down the ban as incompatible with the Second Amendment. Tuesday’s announcement was widely expected, especially after both the District and the man who challenged the handgun ban asked for the high court review.

The main issue before the justices is whether the Second Amendment of the Constitution protects an individual’s right to own guns or instead merely sets forth the collective right of states to maintain militias. The former interpretation would permit fewer restrictions on gun ownership.

It is very clear what the founders intended, although advocates of a “living constitution” don’t care much about that. I’m glad the case is being heard as it is a good opportunity for the court to finally affirm the right of individuals to bear arms. Hopefully the Roberts court will do the right thing.

The ruling could also revive gun control as a political issue, although the Democrats have more or less given up on it in recent years. If it does, it would be an advantage to the GOP.

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