ACK Over Time

There is some talk in the Tennessee blogosphere over some changes that have been made at Volunteer Voters. A.C. Kleinheider used to offer commentary for his postings, some of it quite controversial, but these days he’s mostly just serving as an aggregator, linking to his favorite postings in the Tennessee blogosphere without offering much commentary. Michael Silence has even posted a poll asking which AC is better, the old or the new.

So what do I think? I liked the old AC better. I still enjoy reading Volunteer Voters as it is a wonderful sampling of blogs across the state, but his commentary was outstanding. And I say this as someone who often disagreed with it. AC is an old school paleocon whose views sometimes border on radical. But he is an independent thinker with views which haven’t been sent through the typical Republican or Democratic talking points filter, unlike 95% of our current pundits. So I say free ACK. We can all use a good challenge, and he provides one to everyone on all sides of the political spectrum.

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