Gill: Sensationalize Murders of White People Too

Steve Gill thinks that the failure of the media to sensationalize the murder of two white students in Knoxville is evidence of racism. Or something:

Well, the Associated Press, Fox News, USA Today and CBS have already picked up the story about these white racist nutcases. That’s already more coverage than the black racist sickos in Knoxville received.

Now granted I haven’t watched the news very much lately, but I have not seen very much media coverage of the murders atrocity in West Virginia. Certainly not nearly as much as the numerous missing women have received (ironically, and by ironically I do mean intentionally, Gill doesn’t note the race of almost every one of these women) or the coverage of OJ Simpson.

Media criticism aside, it is true that there is a racial template the media tend to follow. I have noted as much. To me the answer would appear to be that the media should not sensationalize any murders. But to call of the media to sensationalize brutal murders in the name of some sort of racial equivalency, as Gill seems to do, just strikes me as despicable, and I can’t imagine the families of any of the victims appreciating his efforts. Can’t we just take a break from politics in situations like these?

UPDATE: Sean Braisted and Brittney Gilbert point out that the victim from West Virginia actually survived, thus it was not a murder as I originally stated. My apologies.

UPDATE II: This post is taking part in the Beltway Traffic Jam.

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