Please explain, someone. Florida is good, but not that good. Can Tennessee bounce back? Can they win at least eight games? And, if not, will Fulmer survive this season? If he does, which assistant coach will be thrown under the bus this time?

It’s become a cliche in football (and, really, in sports period) that a certain class of fan spends their time being outraged over this or that and constantly calls into the local sports talk radio station demanding that their coach be fired. No doubt there’s an eruption of this in Knoxville these days. But can we really disagree with them?

Since 1999, Tennessee has produced an unending stream of mediocrity. No SEC championships. No BCS bowl bids. Some big wins here and there, and some great players, but also plenty disapointment. Fulmer maintains a good win-loss record, but even his staunchest supporter must admit he’s still running on fumes from his 1998 national championship team.

Looking at the schedule, I see lots of cause for concern. If Tennessee does not start playing amazingly better football, I don’t think they have much of a shot against Georgia. Or South Carolina. Or Alabama. Or Arkansas. Heck, even former pushovers like Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky aren’t looking like pushovers anymore (especially Kentucky; is there anything in the world Randy Sanders wants more than a victory over the Big Orange?).

So should Fulmer be canned? That question will be answered as the season unfolds. I remain a total fan of the Vols and will pick them to win every game they play. I hope my predictions come true. But the prospects for the Vols, and their coach, are not very good.

Meanwhile, my other alma mater continues to do me proud.

UPDATE: Voluminous sums up my view quite nicely.

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