How’s It Going to End?

**SPOILER ALERT** – If you have not yet watched last week’s episode of “The Sopranos” and plan to do so, stop reading this.

The Sopranos, that is. One of the all around greatest shows in television will be just a memory after tomorrow night. How will it end? Will Tony live or die? What about A.J.? Carmella? Meadow? Paulie? Last week’s episode was particularly bloody; Silvio now lies in a coma and Bobby, probably the nicest gangster around, met his demise. And Tony seemed to be digging in for a final stand. But will he fall? And if so, by who’s hand? Phil or one of his henchmen? Or someone from his family (the figurative one or the literal one)? Or will be somehow avoid this fate, either by defeating Phil Leotardo or flipping to the Feds?

And then there’s A.J., the directionless slacker who tried to off himself a few weeks ago. Nothing this kid does could surprise anyone. Seriously, he could be either his father’s savior or his murderer and be equally convincing.

Geez, I hate to see this show end.

UPDATE: Silly me. I thought that after watching the final episode, I’d know how it ended. But no. I am reminded of the words of Larry from the sitcom Newhart: “I think I speak for all of us when I say… HUH?!”

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