Who Said This?

Can you guess who said this:

“[B]ecause we allowed ourselves to wait until we woke up one day and found 12 million illegals here, there’s no easy solution. And I think that you have to realize that you’re either going to drive 12 million people underground permanently, which is not a good solution. You’re going to get them all together and get them out of the country, which is not going to happen. Or you’re going to have to, in some way, work out a deal where they can have some aspirations of citizenship, but not make it so easy that it’s unfair to the people waiting in line and abiding by the law.”

Or this:

“We haven’t enforced the law, in terms of employers. … For 20 years, we’ve not enforced the law, and that’s a part of the problem. You can’t enforce it all on the backs of the employers. People falsify information that they give employers and all that. That’s not a solution to the problem.”

And this:

“You know, if you have the right kind of policies, and you’re not encouraging people to come here and encouraging them to stay once they’re here, they’ll go back, many of them, of their own volition, instead of having to, you know, load up moving vans and rounding people up. That’s not going to happen.”

So who made these statements? Ted Kennedy? George Bush? No, it was Fred Thompson who said all of these things, and much more. Not that I’m upset about it; I think he was absolutely right. I’m just wondering why the Malkinites over at Hot Air are so revved up about him, given their near derangement when it comes to anything that doesn’t involve mass deportations.

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