Blog Explosion Halts

You know how we’ve been hearing about the rapid expansion of the blogosphere? Well, it appears it might have come to an end:

The number of active blogs tracked by Technorati has stalled at about 15 million. Now that’s still a remarkable number, even before one adds in quasi-blogs, such as pages on social network sites such as Myspace. But, compared with the conventional wisdom — that every human, and household pet, will eventually have a blog — the reality is sobering.

My theory? There is a limit to how much the blogosphere will actually grow. Oh sure, in theory, everyone could have their own blog, but in reality this will never happen. Not everyone, indeed, not even a majority of people care enough to start their other blogs. Others will start a blog, but quickly abandon it. Thus, it stands to reason that at some point, the blogosphere will reacha peak and stabilize in numbers.

Yet, 15 million is still an amazing number. Lack of growth doesn’t mean an end in influence. It simply means that those who do blog will likely be more committed to it. Even if the growth halts, there are enough blogs out there than anyone can find his or own niche. And, if not, he or she can still create his own.

Via Andrew Sullivan.

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