On Civil Unions and Gay Cooties

Fox News is reporting:

Gov. John Lynch told The Associated Press on Thursday he will sign legislation establishing civil unions in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire thus will become the fourth state to adopt civil unions and the first to do so without first having a court fight over denying gays the right to marry.

“I believe it is a matter of conscience, fairness and preventing discrimination,” Lynch said in an interview.

New Hampshire now joins Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, and Connecticut as states that allow at least some form of legal recognition of homosexual unions.

Call me a RINO, but I see nothing wrong with this. I’ve heard all the arguments against gay marriage and/or civil unions, and they’re all weak. Most of them seem to be based on an irrational fear of gay cooties (wish I could take credit for coining the term, but it comes from SayUnce). I fail to see how such laws will destroy marriage, harm children, or bring about the fall of Western Civilization. It seems to me that most people opposed are just letting their own predjudices and insecurities cloud their judgment. People should have the right to do what they want so long as they harm no one else, as John Stuart Mill said.

Anyone who wants to convince me of the error of my ways is welcome to make use of the comments.

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