It’s Good to be Fred Thompson

It’s official. Fred Thompson is running for president. Oh, he hasn’t said so yet, but his wife (pictured below) is encouraging him to do so.

As Ace puts it:

And when a woman like that starts saying that she finds the notion of a run for president exciting and stimulating, you listen.

By the way, Fred Thompson also used to date Lorrie Morgan (pictured below). Both Morgan and the current bride are, ahem, considerably younger than Mr. Thompson.

Ace throws a cold shower on the Thompson bandwagon, however:

Although I like Thompson, it should be noted he only served one full term in the Senate, and wasn’t considered particularly influential, innovative, or even hard-working. His “executive experience,” such as it is, came long, long ago as a corruption-bustin’ prosecutor. Good experience, to be sure, but he hasn’t managed anything lately except a senatorial staff and the small corporation that forms around a working actor.

Given what we’ve just seen, should that come as any surprise? Still, it must be good to be Fred Thompson, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him jump in the race.

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