The Genocide No One Notices

Daniel Allott bemoans the lack of commitment to ending the crisis in Darfur:

The United Nations has spent four years making non-credible threats against Sudan. Unfortunately for the U.N.–and most especially for the people of Darfur–the Sudanese government has taken none of these threats seriously.

This reality is not lost on United Nations Deputy Secretary General Mark Malloch Brown. Speaking candidly at a recent Brookings Institute event, Brown admitted that in Darfur: “…there is a little bit of bluff playing, in that we’re saying to President Bashir of Sudan, give us consent for deployment or else. And there’s a lot of questions about what plausibly the ‘or else’ is. And President Bashir looks at us and he thinks he’s seen us blink, and that makes it hugely difficult to credibly address this issue of winning his consent to our deployment.”

The UN rarely does much about anything. This is a shame, because adequetly addressing the Darfur crisis falls squarely in their job description. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that if anything is going to be done, someone else is going to have to do it. Allott suggests that France, of all countries, may hold the key to solving the crisis.

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