Bredesen’s Second Amendment Folly

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen apparently isn’t a big fan of the Second Amendment:

It appears that Phil Bredesen has a a beef with Senate Bill 1597 which would prohibit the Governor from confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens or restricting the ability to purchase guns and ammunition during times of natural disaster or declared emergency. The Governor currently has this authority.

Republican Leader Mark Norris is receipt of a letter from Mary Freeman, the Governor’s Director of Legislation, requesting he “consider halting further action” on Senate Bill 1597. The missive states that the administration “disagrees with the intent of this legislation and therefore cannot support it.”

This isn’t good. The Second Amendment exists to protect Americans from bad situations. While hunting might be a nice result of the right to bear arms, the actual intent is to allow individuals to protect themselves, be it from criminals, terrorists, and even our own government. At times of nation crisis (Katrina, etc.), self protection is needed the most. That Bredesen would deny us the right to protect ourselves in such situations is scary indeed.

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