Huckabee’s Choice

Some GOP bigwigs are encouraging longshot GOP candidate Mike Huckabee to drop out of the presidential race and challenge Mark Pryor, a vulnerable Democratic Senator in Arkansas, instead. There is much wisdom in this advice; after all, Huckabee has very little chance of winning the GOP nod for president, but he would stand a good chance of knocking off Pryor. If he did so, he could spend the next few years making a name for himself in the Senate, then run for president again. There is a good chance this might happen.

But there is another scenario that might also work wonders for Huckabee. He could take the Bill Richardson strategy: run a rather mild campaign for president in which he emphasized his conservative credentials but did not openly criticize the front runners. As a minister, Huckabee can connect well with Evangelicals, and, as a Southerner, he could help any of the three front runners connect with the Southern, religious base. Huckabee would be an attractive VP for either Giuliani, McCain, or Romney, all of whom have problems with social conservatives, and none of whom is Southern. Certainly, he’d have to be on any of these men’s short lists for vice-president.

I suspect this might be the strategy Huckabee decides on. And it might just pay dividends for him.

Via ACK.

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