Giuliani Surge Continues

Rudy Giuliani’s conservative credentials have been under fire since before he declared his candidacy, but Steven Malanga contends that he is indeed conservative:

But in a GOP presidential field in which cultural and religious conservatives may find something to object to in every candidate who could really get nominated (and, more important, elected), Mr. Giuliani may be the most conservative candidate on a wide range of issues. Far from being a liberal, he ran New York with a conservative’s priorities. Government exists above all to keep people safe in their homes and in the streets, he said, not to redistribute income, run a welfare state, or perform social engineering. The private economy, not government, creates opportunity, he argued; government should just deliver basic services well and then get out of the private sector’s way. He denied that cities and their citizens were victims of vast forces outside their control, and he urged New Yorkers to take personal responsibility for their lives.

Meanwhile, polling data suggests that Rudy is shoring up support among white evangelicals. If this support holds, he will be difficult to beat. Additional data available here.

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