The Mexican Truckers Are Coming!

The usual suspects are worked into a lather over the fact that Mexican trucks are going to have access to American highways. Be afraid, be very afraid, we are told. Of course, this whole thing was part of NAFTA, which many of the conservative critics supported. WSJ has a good editorial that debunks most of the demagoguery. Money quote:

It’s nice the U.S. government is finally getting around to meeting its obligations under a trade pact with Mexico ratified a mere 14 years ago. But even that is too fast for some protectionists.

Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, the U.S. was required to lift a ban on Mexican trucks traveling more than 25 miles inside the border. The deadline for doing so was 2000, yet seven years later the ban remains in place. Hence, when Mexican trucks reach the mileage limit, they must off-load and transfer the goods to American trucks, which carry them to their ultimate destination. You can understand why the Teamsters who represent American drivers favor this arrangement, however inefficient, but U.S. consumers pick up the tab.

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