Bredesen’s Christmas Card, Part II

Although I can somewhat understand that some might not like Gov. Bredesen’s Christmas card, I have to agree with Mark Rose:

Governor Bredesen’s Christmas card has caused quite a stir, although I’m not sure why. I love the card. It contains the image of a Muslim girl, the inscription reads “May the peace and joy of this Christmas season be with you and your loved ones throughout the coming year,” and on the back, it says “While it may seem odd to put a portrait of a young Muslim woman on a Christmas card, this Season reminds us that He loves His children most of all.”

First, may I offer my kudos to the governor for using the word “Christmas” instead of the bland “Happy Holidays,” or the politically correct “Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.” Second, God does love His children. All of them. That is why Jesus Christ came into the world in the first place, because God so loved the world.

Let’s call a political truce until after Christmas. We all should be remembering the true reason for the season, not using a Christmas card as a political football. I think Jesus would agree.

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