World Nut Daily

Exaggeration and hyperbole abound over at World Net Daily, which now claims that illegal immigrants are killing 12 Americans a day, a total of 21,900 since 9/11.

Does anyone really buy this? Well, these guys probably do. But Ed Morrissey – no fan of illegal immigration – does a little research and sets the record straight:

Asinine hardly begins to describe this report. Conservative decry junk science; bad statistics are just as bad. It took me all of 10 minutes to check this data, something that Rep. King apparently couldn’t bother to have his staff do, and a standard fact check that WND declined to perform. It seems that some people will believe almost anything as long as it can be used to demonize illegal aliens.

We need better border security and a plan to end illegal immigration. What we do not need are easily-debunked memes like this floating around, discrediting proponents of border enforcement and painting all of us as benighted haters. Rep. King did us all a disservice and WND once again proved itself more useful for hysterics than truth.

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