Bush Talks Flat Tax

Bush is praising a flat tax:

President Bush says the United States should have a simpler tax system. Apparently he has found one he likes – Estonia’s.

In a brief stop in the Baltic nation on Tuesday, Bush managed to tout Estonia’s flat income tax three times.

“They’ve got a tax system here that is transparent, open and simple,” Bush said in Tallinn after getting a look at how Estonian citizens can file their taxes online.

In a toast about an hour later to Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Bush said, “I am amazed to be in a country that has been able to effect a flat tax in such a positive way.”

And before fielding reporters’ questions with Ilves, Bush again praised Estonia’s approach to taxation.

“I appreciate the fact that you got a flat tax, you got a tax system that’s transparent and simple,” he said.

A flat tax is a great idea, and I hope we’ll see an ambitious push for it. It’s a shame Bush didn’t push it when he had more political capital.

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