Rangel Blasts Chavez

You’ve probably heard about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s visit to New York, where he referred to President Bush as “el diablo” (”the devil”), endorsed a Noam Chomsky book, and praised Fidel Castro.

I was pleasantly surprised that Charlie Rangel, one of the most liberal members of Congress, had this to say about Chavez:

“You don’t come into my country, you don’t come into my congressional district and criticize my president, ” Rangel said from Capitol Hill.

He added that “it would be crazy to think that Americans do not feel offended” by Chavez’s remarks.

It’s good to see that, at least in some cases, politics still end at the water’s edge.

UPDATE: This is rather amusing:

[Chavez later] told a news conference that one of his greatest regrets was not getting to meet Mr. Chomsky before he died. (Mr. Chomsky, 77, is still alive.)

UPDATE II: Nancy Pelosi also weighs in against Chavez.

UPDATE III: Unfortunately, Tom Harkin did not continue this trend.

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