Multiple Wives, Minimal Crimes?

I was trying to stomach Hannity & Colmes, but when Pat Buchanan came on it became a losing battle. So I switched over to Scarborough Country, which was being guest hosted by Tucker Carlson. Tucker raised some good questions about Warren Jeffs, the leader of the polygamous cult recently arrested by the FBI. Carlson asked some specific questions that I haven’t heard asked by anyone else. The best one was, what exactly is Jeffs being charged with? No one really seems to know. Perhaps for having multiple wives? It’s illegal, but does it really warrant the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list? Encouraging underage girls into marriages to older men? Well, certainly that’s a despicable thing, but shouldn’t the older men they are marrying, not to mention their parents, be the ones arrested?

This whole situation seems more sensational to substantive to me. Jeffs is the leader of a kooky cult that practices multiple marriages, something that fascinates many people, including some in the media. He certainly is a slimeball. But his adult followers all follow him voluntarily. As for the children, they are the responsibilities of their parents. If they are being abused, then it is their parents who are ultimately responsible and who should be punished. Unless something specific can be attributed to Jeffs, I’d say his only crime is polygamy.

My personal opinion on polygamy is that it is immoral, wrong, and sinful, but that it should also be legal. If someone wants to torture themselves (just kidding) by taking multiple wives, or husbands for that matter, why shouldn’t they be allowed? As long as it is voluntary and no one is harmed, then I tend to error on the side of liberty. A person is allowed to shack up with numerous members of the opposite sex; why not let them call it marriage if they want? (Note – I am not addressing questions about tax filings or insurance here.)

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