On Mel Gibson

You’ve probably heard about Mel Gibson’s arrest on DUI charges, and his reportedly anti-Semitic rant that followed in which he claimed Jews were responsible for all the wars in the world. Those of us who have admired Gibson can at best feel disappointment and at worse feel betrayal by Gibson’s actions.

I have been a Mel Gibson fan. I thought The Passion of the Christ was incredibly moving. In the past, Gibson has been accused of anti-Semitism. I largely dismissed these charges because I saw little (if any) evidence to support them, or because they often depended on visiting the sins of Mel Gibson’s nutcase father upon him. The fact that Mel wouldn’t denounce his father’s views provided fuel for some, but I gave him a pass because it involved his father, and it is unfair to expect someone to publicly denounce a close family member.

But if these charges are true (and I have no reason to doubt them), then Mel Gibson is a very bad person. I understand that we was plastered. Okay, but no drunk person I’ve been in contact with has ever launched into anti-Semitic rants. Usually, inebriated individuals say exactly what is on their mind. And for Gibson to say this out of the blue suggests to me that such thoughts are on his mind, and on his mind often.

I want to be 100% sure that Gibson made these remarks before he is blackballed. Racism is perhaps the one unforgivable sin in America today, and one should be completely sure that a person is a racist before charging them as such. But if Gibson said what he is reported to have said (and, again, I have seen no evidence that he didn’t), then he is a despicable person.

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