Kookery in Congress

Okay, I’m officially embarrassed by Lincoln Davis, my congressman. On the floor of the House of Representatives during debate on the gay marriage amendment, he spoke in favor of a constitutional amendment outlawing divorce. He also said he supported making adultery a felony, and barring those who are divorced or have committed adultery from ever running for public office.

My initial reaction was that maybe Davis was being outlandish to demonstrate the absurdity of the gay marriage amendment. Yet as I watched the clip, he seemed serious. So much for getting the government out of our lives. Give Davis points for being consistent – he does recognize that there are greater threats to the institution of marriage than homosexual marriage. But being consistent isn’t a good think if you’re consistently wrong.

Via KnoxViews

UPDATE: I guess I should have read the comments before posting this. It seems maybe Davis was being sarcastic. Sean Braisted notes:

I called Lincoln’s washington office as spoke with a gentlemen named Tom. He said that Davis was simply trying to make a point that if we wanted to protect marriage, it didn’t go far enough. However, when I asked him whether or not Davis would’ve voted for the amendment had it banned Divorce, he couldn’t say.

Hmm.. sounds to me like Davis might be trying to play both sides of the issue. This would make more sense if he had voted against the marriage amendment.

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