Images From Struthof, Dachau, and Nuremburg

My trip to Europe wasn’t all about fun. We made stops at two former Nazi concentration camps – Natzweiler-Struthof and Dachau. Natzweiler-Struthof was the only Nazi concentration camp established in France (then under Nazi occupation). It is estimated that 40,000 prisoners were held here, of which an estimated 25,000 perished. Some of those who died were Jews and Roma-Sinti (Gypsies) who were murdered in the gas chamber to be used as “anatomical specimens” at Strasbourg University. The camp was liberated by American forces on November 23, 1944 (source: Wikipedia).

Below are images from Natzweiler-Struthof. I will provide no commentary; I think they speak for themselves.

A tragic irony: this is the view from Natzweiler-Struthof

Dachau Concentration camp is located about 20 kilometers from Munich, and was considered the “model” concentration camp. The camp functioned from 1933 until 1945, and housed over 200,000 prisoners. Camp records listed 30,000 persons were killed in the camp, with thousands of others dying due to camp conditions. Dachau also served as the central camp for Christian religious prisoners. The camp was liberated by American and British forces on April 29, 1945 (source: Wikipedia).

The memorial reads: “May the example of those were exterminated here between 1933 – 1945 because they resisted Nazism help to unite the living for the defence of peace and freedom and in respect for their fellow men.”

Some of those responsible for the crimes committed at these camps were eventually tried in the courthouse, in Nuremburg:

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