‘Poverty’ in America

Great post over at The Will to Exist concerning poverty in America. Citing some telling statistics, Trevor argues that America has a major poverty problem – not material, but mental:

In my opinion, the real poverty crisis in America is not nutritional or financial. America’s real problem with poverty centers on the minds of Americans. What are we teaching our children in America’s public school system? Do we teach them appropriate moral values? I don’t think so. Do we teach them sound personal financial management principles? I haven’t seen it. Do we teach them basic economics? Not really, from what I can tell. Do we teach them to be responsible, civically minded citizens? I am dubious.

What we do seem to be teaching our children is that they live in a culture where individual responsibility is dead and the culture of entitlement is their birthright. We’re inculcuating the idea of the state as nanny, caregiver and overlord. We’re pursuing mantras of materialism, hedonism and the herd mentality.

Indeed. Read the whole thing.

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