Anti-Communism Rally in Bolivia

Plubius reports on an anti-communist, anti-Morales rally in Bolivia:

Not every Bolivian likes to be under the thumb of Hugo Chavez’s minime, Evo Morales.

Residents of the eastern province, Santa Cruz, which is full of industrious immigrants and enterprising native-indigenous Bolivians who’ve moved there, want instead to have autonomy.

They hate communism and want freedom.

This weekend’s coming vote is seen by some as a first step toward secession, but that is probably going too far at this stage. The vote, for now, is just on autonomy, to decentralize an all too powerful and all too unaccountable state, whose every decision is made by the federal government, even that of tax collecting and local funding. And which is now run by a retrograde communist who is leading Bolivia to perdition.

Yahoo News has lots of photos, but here are my personal favorites:

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