Images From Munich, Germany

Munich is located in southern part of Germany in Bavaria. It is notable for BMW World Headquarters, the site of the infamous 1972 Olympic murders of Israeli athletes, the roots of Nazism, and unbelievable amounts of beer.

The streets of Munich.
A restaurant where we had dinner, founded in 1328.

Munich Cathedral.

The Feldherrnhalle, the “spiritual center” of Nazism. During the Third Reich, SS agents were stationed outside around the clock, and everyone who walked by was required to give the Nazi salute.

What about those who opposed the Nazis? There is an alley behind the Feldherrnhalle that they would cut through to avoid having to give the salute. The golden bricks are in memory of them.

The Hofbrauhaus, possibly the most famous bar in the world.

A memorial to those who resisted the Nazis.

The German WWI Memorial. Note the soldier still has his gun and is still in uniform. What does this suggest to you?

A memorial to the Germans killed in the Napoleonic wars.

The cathedral on a cloudy day.

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