Free Press for Sudan

My friend Jon Stewart (no relation) is spending part of his summer in Sudan, working with the humanitarian organization Winrock International, helping prepare Sudan for a free press. He e-mails:

My job is to work with the GOSS and its Press Ministry to train journalists and consult on the functioning of the Ministry and press organizations in Southern Sudan. I’m guessing a lot of my time will be spent teaching the basics of journalism to members of the Press Ministry and their staff members. With a little luck, these people will become the first generation of media professionals in a fledgling African democracy. The real long-term goal in the country, in my opinion, is to support the South in its eventual transition to a democracy free from the government of Sudan. However limited my role, I hope to focus my efforts in that direction.

Jon has started a blog to chronicle his adventures, Jon is Sudan, which should be a very interesting read, and provide valuable insight into what is happening in Southern Sudan.

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