Sensible Immigration Policy

Mark Noonan:

Rasmussen goes on to note that his polling actually shows Americans in favor of a generous immigration policy coupled with a desire for enforcement of the laws and the security of the border…in other words, the American people (though they don’t know it) are precisely where President Bush is on the issue. Once again, it is GW who has figured out what is the right thing to do…but we’ve also got a lot of really bad politics preventing something as rational as Bush’s plan (increased security plus guest-workers) from happening.

A combination of cowardice and demagoguery on both sides of the political aisle is preventing rationality…Democrats want to harm the GOP over border security, but they also want to pander to hispanics; GOPers want to increase border security, but are afraid that this will alienate hispancs…caught in the crossfire and suffering the most are those Americans who have to pay for the illegal immigrants, and the illegal immigrants who are legally neither fish nor fowl and thus can’t be properly integrated into Americans society, nor booted out if that is what everyone really wants.

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