Fancy Ford

Am I the only person who doesn’t get what the big deal with this is? It appears that Harold Ford Jr.’s University of Tennessee campaign chairwoman posed in a “scandalous” photo, and this has caused an eruption of emotions in the comments section of the original post, with both sides getting hot and bothered (no pun intended.. well, maybe!).

As an ardent supporter of Ed Bryant, I generally appreciate anything that may damage Ford’s chances. But come on folks, let’s get a grip here. Do you REALLY think anyone in Tennessee gives a crap who runs Ford’s UT campaign? Is anyone going to vote against him because of this? I doubt it. They’ll just see a college girl acting like… well, a college girl.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Harold Ford, Jr. The fact that he’s a liberal. The fact that he comes from one of the most corrupt political machines in America. The fact that he can’t seem to tell the truth. The list goes on and on. But picking on a 21 year old college girl who happened to pose in “scandalous” photos just seems petty to me. Some may want to link this to Ford’s alleged “playboy lifestyle.” Whatever. I’d be much happier if we kept the campaign focused on issues like illegal immigration, taxes, the war on terror, and government spending, and steered clear of the stuff that frankly doesn’t matter.

And yes, bringing Nathan Moore’s wife into the debate and calling people “sluts” is uncalled for. But I digress.

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