Hamas Wins Palestinian Elections

It will be interesting to see how this will be blamed on Israel.

Hamas is a terrorist group that had murdered babies, mothers, and teenagers in pizza parlors. It is committed to the destruction of Israel. If a Canadian or Mexican party desiring the destruction of the United States came to power, we would not deal with them. I don’t see how we can expect any different from the Israelis.

It is now impossible to honestly blame any roadblock to peace on Israel.

UPDATE: Dave Price offers an interesting viewpoint:

For Palestinians, this was a referendum on corruption. The choice was between incompetent, corrupt terrorists and somewhat more honest, less corrupt terrorists. Frankly, given their options, I think they made the right choice.

Of course, the real tragedy is that their options were limited to terrorists and criminals. The Palestinians spend their lives steeped in hate propaganda, from cradle to grave, and that’s the root problem here. There’s no debate, no protection of free speech: those who speak out against the illogic of requiring Israel’s destruction risk being murdered as “collaborators.” The Arab proxy war against Israel has never ended, and it probably won’t as long the current regimes remain in Iran and Syria.

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