Supporting the Troops

CJ of A Soldier’s Perspective:

I agree that those who do not support the war can be supportive of the troops. As a matter of fact, I’m anti-war in general. I think most soldiers are. The last thing most of us want is a war. I’d be more than happy to go 20 years, retire, and never have to fire a shot at a living target.

The problem with today’s anti-military crowd isn’t their motives, it’s their actions. Like it or not, protesting in Crawford, DC or anywhere else with calls to “pull out now” are not translated into support by soldiers. It’s actually a slap in the face to what we’re doing. When soldiers are found trying to talk to these people at anti-war rallies, they’re treated like dirt, spit on, and chastised. That’s not soldier support. Does the anti-war crowd seen on CNN reflect every anti-war American? No, not at all. If you support our soldiers but not war, then an appropriate action would be to write your congressman that we finish the job in Iraq the right way and let it run its course to avoid future wars. Let him/her know you don’t support this war, but understand that we’re there now and need to finish the job. It’s also time to stop disrespecting the office of the President. It’s okay to disagree with his doctrine or decisions, but he’s still our President. He was voted into that office TWICE.

It’s important that we do this one right to avoid the next one. If we simply pull out without leaving Iraq to defend itself from internal or external threats we’ve only created more future wars. The terrorists will be emboldened and more will support their cause.

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