A Great Idea for TennCare

A church group from Franklin e-mailed Tennessean columnist Tim Chavez with an idea concerning TennCare:

The group proposed the creation of a TennCare Relief Fund:

“Establish a small committee (non-political) to administer it on a volunteer basis. Establish criteria and priorities for recipients, and keep it simple. Request seed money from all churches in Tennesseee (a special collection), and then expand to ask for Tennessee celebrities (country music and sports) to do fundraisers. Start slowly by perhaps providing funds for prescription drugs.”

Chavez calls it an “interesting idea,” though he dismisses it in favor of a government solution since it doesn’t fit his agenda of bashing Bredesen. Yet this is a very good idea, and the church group deserves praise for it. Too bad Chavez didn’t include the name or address of the church, so donations could be sent.

While on this topic, I’d like to recommend two good posts concerning the TennCare situation and those who use faith to advocate socialized medicine – one from Glen Dean, and one from Mark Rose.

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