Bush’s Speech

I watched President Bush’s speech tonight concerning the war in Iraq. The President essentially reiterated the need to stay the course in Iraq, and outlined progress that has been made in the country, and in the Middle East at large. Obviously, this speech was designed to rally public support behind the mission in Iraq, that seems to have declined in recent months.

I think President Bush did a good job. Though he’s not the greatest orator who ever lived, he is an effective communicator – and it showed tonight. Bush’s refusal to abandon the mission, and his strong belief that we are doing the right thing came through loud and clear. Look for the poll numbers to inch upward again – as they often do after a Bush speech.

Having said that, there is no doubt that the Democrats will continue to harp on the negatives and the gloomy view portrayed in the media will continue. Bush is waging an effective war in Iraq, but he has been losing the public relations in America. In order to change this, he must continue to speak directly to Americans, as he did tonight. If he does, he will maintain public support; if not, his numbers will continue to decline and we may see some major losses for Republicans in the midterm elections next year. President Bush has the power to do even more good things. Let’s hope he delivers.

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