Ford Family Soap Opera Continues

Is a prominent member of the Ford family of Memphis abusing his position? Mike Hollihan shares this story, which is being ignored by news agencies outside Memphis:

Last week, Melvin Ford, a cousin of Representative Harold Ford Jr., went into a local chain restaurant. A disagreement ensued and he began to wave a boxcutter around and act “out of control.” The employees called the police, who responded. Police frisked Melvin, but were unable to find the boxcutter. Ford was mentioning his family name. A police report was filled out on the incident, but police refused to arrest Melvin Ford, saying that without a weapon it was a “he said, she said” situation. The most they could charge him with would have been “misdemeanour intimidation.” No charges were filed.

Mike Hollihan has more coverage on this at his blog:

A police report was filled out; [WREG reporter] Powell has a copy of it. But the police refused to arrest Ford, saying without the boxcutter it was “he said, she said.” All they could hold him for, according to Powell, as “misdemeanor intimidation.”

And there you have it. Another Ford waving a weapon and his family name around. Police involvement that leads nowhere. Had the restaurant employees not contacted WREG the whole thing would have disappeared.

Looks like the Ford family is out of control, and it appears the police have no intentions of bringing them back to Earth. This can’t bode well for Harold Ford, Jr.’s Senate aspirations.

As a sidenote, without the blogosphere, this story probably would never be heard except by the few in Memphis who saw it on the news. Kudus to Mike Hollihan for his efforts!

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