GOP Gate, Chapter 11

I don’t know how all of this is going to end, but I would not be suprised to see someone end up in behind bars. Some very serious crimes appear to have taken place in this debacle.

The revelation is that someone appears to have planted a bug in former GOP Chairman Chad Tindell’s computer, allowing them to gain access. No one knows who did it, but plenty of people are thinking “round up the usual suspects.” The Sentinel reports:

Tindell said Harber called him the day before the e-mails surfaced to talk about Harber’s possible role in Hornback’s action, a topic Tindell said he’d broached in his e-mails to reporters and others.

Tindell said he thought the only place he’d made the comments was in his e-mail correspondence. He had sent no e-mails to Harber, he said.

“What I thought was, he was reading directly from my e-mails,” Tindell said. “I told my wife I thought somebody forwarded my e-mails to Tyler.”

Once Ragsdale called the next day to tell him the e-mails had surfaced, however, Tindell said he became concerned that someone had surreptitiously gained access to his computer. He took the computer to the specialist, then called authorities.

Citing the criminal investigation, Harber has declined to answer questions about Tindell’s e-mail correspondence.

Tindell refused to point fingers at Harber or anyone else.

“I don’t know who did it,” he said. “The sheriff and his people have been very helpful to me. I don’t have any idea where their investigation might lead.”

I have no idea who is responsible for this insidious breach of trust, but whoever is should obviously be punished. I hope that a quick investigation can determine who is responsible so that they can be dealt with, and Knox County Republicans can put this behind them and move on.

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