On Kilby and Moonshine…

State Sen. Tommy Kilby, who warned against Howard Dean as chair of the DNC, has garnered some criticism from Steve Scarborough, who wants the Democratic party to move further leftward:

Our local state senator says he’s a Democrat. He campaigned as pro gun, anti government, pro life, anti gay, and pro war. He ran a little to the right of the Republican. This last week he came out publicly urging the Democratic National Party not to choose Howard Dean as chairman because it would alienate Southern Democrats.

“It would prompt many Southern Democrats to abandon the party,” is what he said. Where the heck else can I go, you idiot? You are already agianst danged near everything I hold dear, Senator, and you think Howard Dean is the one alienating Democrats?

I realize my state senator is probably unemployable in the private sector and needs this job, but why in the heck does he want to come out against the only Democarat with national stature who says, “We need the South!”

While you’re at Steve’s blog, be sure to read his moonshine memories. He may be a liberal Democrat, but in my book, he’s okay!

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